Hollywood Joe, American Rock 'n' Roll

Hollywood Joe is a singer/guitarist who has been very influenced by the late, great Gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt amongst other phenomenal artists. The sound of Hollywood Joe is timeless and entertaining, and is full of good old Rock n' Roll as well as inspiring musicianship. He has lived in Memphis, St. Louis, as well as of course... Hollywood, California. And in his travels has picked up many, many influences. At present we don't know of his whereabouts, but was recently heard and seen playing in various groups and combos in the Rockabilly/Swing, Blues, and Jazz traditions. Anyone interested in hearing his sound, please log on to:


Note from your webmaster: Hollywood Joe's sound is neat and clean, maybe a bit poppy for the hardcore rockabilly fan, but I think Joe's music is well worth listening to. The fact that some of his songs are "pop" is not necessarily a bad thing, hence the fact that "pop" is short for popular. Worth mentioning is the fact that Joe offers many of his songs free for download in good quality mp3 format and if you would like to purchase one or more of his many cd's, you will find that they are very nicely priced.

Joe is a very i-friendly kinda guy, if you care to write him a note, go right ahead, I'm pretty sure he will answer your e-mail!  --BlackCat 2000--

Joe's e-mail address: hollywoodjoe@usa.com

Photographs courtesy of Hollywood Joe, used with permission