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Viewing our site:
This site can be viewed best with screen parameters set to 1024x768 pixels with 64k colors (16-bits, High Color), but it can also be viewed at a resolution of 800x600. If you are using the 800x600 screen mode, you might not be able to see the complete menu on the left. To work around this you will have to set your browser to full-screen-mode. In Internet Explorer 4 or higher, press function key F11 or use the full-screen button on the button-bar. This option can also be found in the Screen-menu. In Netscape Navigator 4.x there is no full-screen mode, but you can minimize the toolbars by clicking on the small button on the left of every toolbar. If you minimize all toolbars, the complete menu will fit on the screen.

Navigating our site:
Use the menu buttons on the left of the screen to pick a topic. After clicking a button, a new page will be loaded in the middle frame. From this page you can navigate further through the subject. There are over 4000 pages on this site, but we've tried to make it as easy as possible for you to find what you are looking for. Our "Hall Of Fame" contains biographies, discographies and reviews and is indexed alphabetically on the artist's last name or the band's full name. In the "Reviews" section, all items are sorted alphabeticly on album title. The "Lyrix Pages" are indexed alphabetically on song title. If you cannot find the lyrics  you need through the indexes, because you do not know a certain songtitle or an artist's name, you can use the "Search" option on the lyrics pages. Help on "Search" is available on the seach page. Please keep in mind that all Eddie Cochran songs are collected in a separate section in the lyrics department.

Get your band on this website:
To have your band or album listed on the largest rockin' site in Europe, just send us your biography and some pics by e-mail. Please send in an informative press release (not just advertisements). We can NOT promise any reviews, there's just not enough time! This deal is only for bands and artists who play 50s style rock 'n' roll and rockabilly!! If you add the lyrics of your original song(s), they will also be posted in our lyrics section. We are a non-profit organisation, we aim to keep 50s style rock 'n' roll and rockabilly alive! Mail us for address information,

Comments, additions and requests:
All comments are welcome, please e-mail us with any remarks at - If you have an interesting story, review, biography or whatever, that you would like to post on our site, just send us the details and we will post it if applicable. Your help is always greatly appreciated. If you are looking for info or lyrics that cannot be found on our site yet, send a request by e-mail and we will try to accomodate you best we can. Please keep in mind that we can only reply to requests about rock 'n' roll, rockabilly or fifties related subjects. For instance, we do not have the lyrics of other music genres and we don't have the time to look into that.

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If you have your own rock 'n' roll related website or homepage, you can join our webring to get more attention to your pages. If you do not know what a webring is yet, please visit this site to read all about it: - To join our webring, please use the application form on this website. If you need more info or help, send your questions to and you will try to answer your questions promptly.

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