Our last newsletter (below) was sent out on September 11, 2008

Dear constant readers and rockabilly friends,

It hurts me to inform you that this wil be our LAST Rockabilly Newsletter by E-MAIL. After more than 10 years we are unwillingly forced to quit. The global fight against SPAM is getting more and more aggressive, and our newsletter is being rejected by mailservers and ISP's all over the world. It's getting more and more difficult to deliver our newsletter to all our fans and readers.

After sending out our last newsletter just last week, we were harshly disconnected from the internet BY OUR OWN ISP for sending out SPAM. Of course we have always done our very best to comply with both American and European rules and guidelines about sending out bulk e-mails, and it has never been a problem as far as we know for any subscriber to unsubscribe, but some people have different ideas...

History of the Rockabilly Newsletter
The first newsletter was sent out on
May 5th, 1998 and contained a bio and selected discography of Johnny Ace. Many bios and reviews followed. Including this one, a total of 640 newsletters were sent out over the years. The last review were the liner notes I wrote for the new CD of Wild Rooster. Most of you have been a subscriber and a friend for many many years, and I want to thank everyone for their trust, friendship and for all the compliments we received by mail. We (the reviewers BlackCat, Uncle_B, Rocking Kees and others) really love doing what we do and we love rock 'n' roll and rockabilly music.

Of course we will NOT STOP writing reviews, please visit our website regularly and you will find that we are constantly updating with new reviews, biographies and lyrics. To keep you informed we now also have a RSS News Feed, so even though you won't receive any more newsletters by e-mail, you can still keep up to date by subscribing to our NEWSFEED. Please check out this page for more information.

So luckily, this is NOT goodbye, but merely a change in strategy and technique. We hope that you all will keep reading our reviews (we put a lot of work, heart and soul in it) on our website. As you know, there are only two kinds of music: Rock and Roll !!

Keep rocking, keep mailing;

Marijn 'The BlackCat' Raaijmakers

September 11, 2008