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Dear Marijn, I saw the Site and the work you did to add me and the book.
T H A N K  Y O U  SO MUCH!! It is greatfully appreciated!! Bob Morritt

Hello, I just want to tell you how very much I like your web site. And, thank you for the honor of making me a part of it. I'll tell my friends, to look to your page for old recordings. I suppose Rockstar Records in London, would appreciate my telling you that they recently released quite a number of my old songs. Don Deal

Hi. I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed viewing your website. My father, Mickey Hawks, would have felt very honored to know that so many folks are still interested in his music after all these years. Your site is great! Lisa Hawks Elgin

Many thanks to you guys for the nice review of my band Atomic Boogie's CD "Live Loud & Loaded". I really appreciated all the kind words!!! Also thank you for keeping Rockabilly alive with your great site!!! "Rock On"!!! my friends. John Barton

Wow! I just can't thank you enough for the great review. I am very honored to receive the 5 Stars! I really appreciate the thought that went into the review, and time you spent with my music. You really heard what I tried to put into the record, and I am very grateful. J.P. McDermott

Thanks Marijn & Eric for the good job you do with the music and getting it out to so many. lt has to be a labor of love. Keep up the good work, its appreciated... Red Moore

Thank you for all the hard work you do. You promote the new, and help preserve the old for generations not yet born. You are very special, and much appreciated in America. Bill Morrison

You have done such an amazing job and everybody is saying how good it is.The first time I clicked on it and saw myself on it it was such a BUZZ. It was the same as the buzz I got when I first heard Bill Hayley's Rock-Around The Clock when I went to see the Blackboard Jungle film in 1956 in the State Cinema in Barkingside Essex. The same buzz as when I brought my first record home from London in 1960 and played to my mum & dad & and all my friends. I can't pay you a bigger compliment as that. Hope to see you soon. Rockin' regards, Chris Black

The comparison you made to Sleepwalk & Brian Setzer blew me away!! We do a lot of Stray Cats & Sleepwalk in our live show so it was HUGE compliment!! You really got the message of what we were trying to get across on the CD. BlackCat Rockabilly Europe Rules! Billy Capuano

Hi Marijn, a big thanx for the work you did on the Chevrolet CD. Hope to hear from you soon. EXCELLENT SITE. Ian Smith (Chevrolet)

Thanks for remembering us, you are doing a great job in keeping the memories going! I will check in to your site again soon! Bye for now, keep up the good work. Best wishes, Nick Ferris (Chevrolet)

Thank you so much for helping to keep our music alive by publishing the lyrics to our songs. I have had a great time going through your archives, there were many cover songs that The Polecats performed (and recorded) where I had very little idea of the actual lyrics. Tim Polecat

Hi, I'd like to thank you for helping to keep my music - 50s rock 'n' roll and rockabilly alive... Paul Evans

Many thanks! I enjoy your website. Keep on Rockin'. Howard Childress

Thank you so much for the page and review about my band and new album on your fantastic site!!! The opinion of a great rock'n'roll connoisseur as you are is really important to me. Marco Da Silva

Hi Marijn, good job! Really thanks for your newsletter, I received a lot of messages from new fans. All my best, Marco Di Maggio

Hi Rockabilly Friend! Thank you for listing my bio and the lyrics to some of my songs on your web site. All the information and publicity you can give me is appreciated. Best wishes and keep on rockin', Ray Campi

Thanks for playing my song "Boo" on your internet Radio Station, I just wanted to tell you that I certainly do appreciate it, Bob Kelly

Marijn, I read all the newsletters I get from you and they are all very nicely written and very interesting. So much information on facinating musicians and lots of history. Thanks for your efforts to support music and the musicians who play and played it. Sending my very best wishes to you and yours, Bobby Joe Swilley

A Big Thank You!!! Hello my man, so happy with my story on "BlackCat" I really appreciate it very much. Any way I can be of help, just let me know. You're the greatest, Ronnie Haig

Hi! A few weeks ago, I was vacationing in Seattle and visited a good pal of mine, Tom Berghan, and we spoke of our old band, The Magnetics. I did a web search for the Magnetics and found your site... WOW!!! I am amazed that anyone noticed us. Thanks! Jeff Poskin (The Magnetics)

Thanks for remembering us old geezers!! Jerry Grammer

Hi, nice site! Just one note, it's "a stylish set of duds I'm proud to wear" in "Rockabilly Man". Thanks for the kind words about the CD. One of the best things people can say about a CD is that they can keep on listening to it. Best wishes, Rip Masters

You are the best!! I just read the review of our album 'Monkey Wrench' on your web site... all I can say is you have made our year! Thank you so much for the fantastic review and great work you do in bringing Rockabilly to the world! We here in Australia consider you and your site to be the Holy Grail of Rockabilly, Sonny Hinwood (The Creepers)

Well, I don't know how to thank you, but you're really great!! All I could do was to put a link on our homepage - not enough, I know! Mike Insam (Black Slacks, The Lazy Lovers)

I look at your site often and find it very well done. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your Rockabilly World, Pat Cupp

Hey there Marvin (see, I still can't get your name right LOL)! Just wanted to say howdy and "keep up the great work"! I always look forward to reading your newsletters! Me and the boys are heading into the studio again soon. Will let you know! Memphis Mike

Brilliant site,the lyric pages have been of great help to me. Thanks for all the help by putting my new releases up and the link from your site. Hoop to meet you soon, it'll be nice to buy you a beer! All the best, Darrel Higham

Hello, Blackcat! Just wanted to say thanks for the page on your website,
Lee Dresser (The Krazy Kats)

Hey, thanks for putting me on your web site. I really appreciate being a part of something that loves and promotes rockabilly. By the way, your radio show is killer. Thanks for putting me in your newsletter. What a cool surprise!
Great stuff! Memphis T.

I just had the chance to read the review on your site. Many thanks for a great review! I'm ectastic about it and appreciate all that you have done to help promote rockabilly music, Mel Spinella (Golly Gee Records)

Thanks Marijn; keep the fifties alive forever! Lew Williams

Thanks a lot for the review of our new CD. We're very happy that you liked it and wrote such a praising review. Thanks again! Hope to meet you soon again at a live gig, Ronnie Nightingale

Thanks a lot! Your site looks cool. I showed it to the guys last night they were impressed, Kevin Fennell

I'd like to thank you for what you've done for me. You're really great, Marijn. Incredible seems also the fact that your site is still the only place on the web where I could get rockabilly lyrics I was searchin' for. You do a real good job, Ray Flash (The Preachers)

Great page, well done. Happy new year, hope to see you soon, Eddie Angel

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful review you wrote. The review is very kind and we are very gratified that you appreciate what we are doing! I hope sometime to come to Europe and play, Lynnette Lenker (The Stumbleweeds)

Howdy hi, spotted your review of our new album on the BlackCat website (and I have nothing against it :-). Anders Umegard (Washboard Wilma & The Unkool Hillbillies)

Just wanted to say Happy New Year. Like your web site ---- Real cool!
Dickie "Be-Bop" Harrell (Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps)

Hi BlackCat, just thought i'd drop you a line and say what a seriously good rock 'n' roll website you've got. I was pleased to find the band (Crepes 'n' Drapes) listed that my dad used to play in years ago. Thanks for the Website, Bob Pride

Thanks for putting Ghost Of Love on your website. I just had a look and it looks great! Once again, thanks for all your help. Best wishes, Darrel Higham

I have just formed the Iain Terry Band and noticed on your web site that you had a picture or two of me :) Many thanks for your help, Iain Terry

I'm honored to be inducted into your rockabilly Hall of Fame. Rock on and love ya all, Joey Welz

Thanks you for publishing my scrapbook, good job. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and the Best New Year! Love from me and my wife, Ila.
Clayton Glover