Words, music, and arrangements by Edward Sulik,
Worldwide copyright, Hard Rock Hattie Publishing - BMI

Recording released 1999 by Hard Rock Hattie
Productions, LLC. on the following releases:

LS 1000-003 (CD) "A Farewell Legacy, Eddie Sulik"
CS 1000-003 (Cassette) "A Farewell Legacy, Eddie Sulik"
LS 1000-004 (CD single)"Bounty Hunter Dale"/ "Anna Marie"

I came to town the other day just looking for some fun.
I met a girl that seemed okay, we started drinking rum.
We really had a time until the stranger came to town.
He touched her hand, we took our stand, I shot the stranger down.

The people gathered 'round to see, they'd seen all that I'd done.
That's when the sheriff said to me, "Now you listen son, the girl
that you were fighting for just broke out of jail - the man that's dying
on the floor is Bounty Hunter Dale."

When I heard this I closed my eyes, then bowed my head in shame
to think the way I fought for her, yet she don't even know my name.
Was this a dream I asked myself, or is it really true?
May God have mercy on my soul for I knew not what I do.

The Bounty Hunter still alive, I heard somebody say - if he pulls
through, I'll have a chance, if not I'm gonna' pay.

Just then a silence struck the room, I felt a dreadful pain. That's
when the sheriff said to me... "Son, you're gonna' hang!"

Courtesy of Edward Sulik.
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