3 Jacks High, The Buckshots 
Heptown Records HTR033

This is the second album of The Buckshots, a Swedisch band that play Rockabilly and Garage Rock 'n' Roll in their own way. The first album, "Too Hot 2 Handle"  was a great album, this one is even better, at least I think so. The Buckshots, formed in the spring of 2003 in the town of Gothenburg, Sweden, is a full booked trio in the Rockabilly scene. If you listen to their music you know why...

All the songs on this second album are written by Jörgen Westman. Jörgen is frontman of The Buckshots, plays guitar and is also the singer of the band. He is backed up by Upright Bassman 'Panhead' Peter Brylde and Drummer Gustaf. These three men have delivered a CD that takes off where their debut album left off. Check it out and you will agree with me that the 14 original songs are of that quality that we must say that they're damn right when they say it is a "hard-edged, twangy rock 'n' roll, with the sound of juvenile delinquents hepped up on hormones, drenched in pomade and sporting sideburns as sharp as Tijuana switchblades CD", point. What can I say?? They're right!

Well, I have listened to this CD several times before I managed to write something about it. So here's what I think. It takes off with a fast, very fast Rocker that's called: "My Baby Drives Me Crazy", it is a rockabilly song that leans a bit towards psychobilly. It does not slow down! The Buckshots hired a "madman", he's called Thommy Borssén and hammers the piano like Jerry Lee Lewis would have done on "A Fine Tuned Love Machine". We go in another direction of Rock 'n' Roll with "Bad Bad Boy" with has a very steady beat to go with the lyrics. "Honey Bee" is a fine example of how a boogie stomper should sound like. As they say for themselfs: Elvis would have been jealous in his heydays...

Right on with some blues from the dark Gangsta Days in "Duanes Blues". On this song the gangster trumpet is played by Ulrik Hogland. For all Chevrolet owners The Buckshots made "Hail To Mr. Ford", no further comments. If anyone is into Jump and Jive they can get nuts on "The Joint Is Jumping Wild". Well, we now have to talk about bad women in "Devils Plan", it's the bands favourite issue. The buckshots have asked Gunnar Frick, of the Ray Davies band, to play the steel in "Down To Hell", a dark song with country & western influences. Next we go on with some good ol' Rockabilly, which could be right out of the mid fifties and recorded in that famous studio, Sun Studios, Memphis, Tennessee. But this song "Sweet Misery" was recently recorded in Sweden... "I Can Touch The Moon" is a nice rockin' balad that is written by Jörgen Westman, also all other tracks are from his hand. For the Swing "True Love" has got a lot to dance to. This dance event is followed by "Do The Boogie" a very fast boogie tune with great guitar playing that makes me think of Brian Setzer's style. The last song on this album is "I Hope I'll Meet You Soon". This is a great romantic duet between Jörgen and his wife Marie. The two of them are backed by the perfect saxophone playing of Torbjorn Stenson. The Buckshots let you see that they can play a wide variety of genres, and they play them in their own great style. A must have!

My Baby Drives Me Crazy / A Fine Tuned Love Machine / Bad Bad Boy / Honey Bee / Duanes Blues / Hail To Mr Ford / Joint Is Jumping Wild / Devils Plan / Down To Hell / Sweet Misery / I Can Touch The Moon / True Love / Do The Boogie / I Hope I'll Meet You Soon

The Buckshot are:
Jörgen Westman - Vocals, Guitar
Peter Brylde - Bass
Gustaf - Drums

Contact information:
Phone +46-0708-33 01 81

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Reviewed by Rockin' Kees, 2008