Rockin' In The Moonlight, Dju' & The Moonbeams
Le Bocal Music DM0205


Dju' in his own words:
I' m sending you this record that I cut recently with good friends of mine. I'm fifty nine years of age and I'm mainly a painter, but a songwriter too and I've always liked true rock 'n' roll music since I was a kid. I cut my first record called "The House's Rockin'" some years ago and people said at the time that it was not too bad, but I wasn't really satisfied because there were only covers such as "Rip It Up", "Twenty Flight Rock", " Baby Let"s Play House", etc...

I really enjoyed cutting this second record called " Rockin' In The Moonlight" because it's all my own work (including the cover design ) and I'm very proud of it, even if as a singer and a songwriter, I am completely unknown untill now.

There are five Moonbeams. One of them is my brother Emilio and the others are good friends of mine. The whole gang comes from other bands. The most well-known of them is "Stone Creek" with Emilio Armilles, Pascal Brenot and Tom Pike. The day I decided to cut this new record with original songs that I wrote, I needed some help from good musicians, so I asked them to back me and they kindly accepted. So we needed a new name and what came out one day was "The Moonbeams". Emilio and Robert Szkudlarek are so very playing lead guitar and rhythm guitar, Tom Pike is an authentic "Mr. Fiddle", listen to the electric bass of Pascal Brenot on "The Alligator", he's like a tornado! And the drummer Pascal Tavares has got the beat.

Listening to the songs of "Rockin' In The Moonlight" I do hope you will feel deep inside the true good old feeling I used to, feel in the late fifties and in the beginning of the sixties. I will never forget the thrill some songs gave me at that time. The adults were wrong, rock 'n' roll wasn't a danger for society. Rock 'n' roll is still alive and lots of good bands are still rockin', and so I recorded this new CD.

There are 16 fully mixed songs on this album, the last four songs are demos with Dju' singing and playing rhythm guitar, Robert "Skud" on lead guitar, and on tracks 17 and 19, Dju's son Lucian is playing electric guitar on track 20. The songs are all well written, and the music is great for listening on a lonely night at home, but for rock 'n' roll music it's all a little bit too smooth and too neat, it will not get many rockers and rockettes hitting the dancefloor. Also, not all songs can be considered rock 'n' roll or rockabilly, there's some country and cajun mixed in as well.

I must admit that Dju' and his Moonbeams did a great job writing and producing all the songs themselves, although I do think that a professional mixer could have added a bit more power to the songs. The cover art is very well done as well. Included are the lyrics to each and every song on the record. Just remember that this is the way that rock 'n' roll emerged in the fifties, a couple of friends writing their own songs and making music together, and in that perspective I have great respect for all who participated in making this album.

Sweet Lazy Doll / Come Along / Day By Day / Wild Street Bop / City Girl / It's Not True / Don't Rock Me Blue / Speedy Jean / The Alligator / The Koo-Koo Dance / I Was Too Blind / I Got A Little Woman / Deep Blue Feeling / Woman In Tears / Not Complain / Lil' Jane / Baby Let's Rock / Way Back Home / Don't Make Me Cry / Farewell

Dju' & The Moonbeams are:
Giulio "Dju" Armilles - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Emilio Armilles - Lead, Rhythm & Hawaiian Guitar
Robert "Stud" Skudlarek - Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Accordion
Pascal Brenot - Electric Bass
Pascal Tavares - Drums
Tom Pike - Fiddle

Contact information:
Giulio "Dju" Armilles
"Le Bocal" 111, Rue President Wilson
71200 - Le Creusot - France
Phone: +33 385 551 678 

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2006