Hayden Thompson, Standing Tall
Blue Light Records, 2010

They've done it again!!!!!!!! The "they" in question would be Hayden Thompson & Blue Light Records! If you enjoyed Hayden Thompson's last CD on Blue Light, you're gonna FLIP over this one! 16 tracks, each one better than the one preceding it. Some familiar, some less familiar... but each played with skill and passion and sung like only Hayden Thompson can. The band is just as good as on his last Blue Light CD, and if you thought they were hot on that, just wait until you get a listen to this!

Opening with a very rockabilly version of "Hurtin' Inside", this disc gets you ready to rock! It slides right into the Carl Perkins track "Honey Coz I Love You" and you know this disc is going to spend ample time in your player!

Hayden has long loved the song "Pretty Lou" and his version shows just how much! Hayden & Co. next slow it down with an Elvis-esque version of "Still Loving You", which probably only Hayden could do with such style and grace.

Hayden and the boys tackle gems like "Without Love", "Long Black Train", "Look Out Mabel" (my personal fave on the disc!) and "Crazy Arms" in a style that is fresh and original but keeping the feel and flavor of the originals.

This disc showcases Hayden's love and ability with country & blues as well as rockabilly, as displayed here on "Where The Rio De Rosa Flows" & "Country Girls". They put even more of a latin spin on Hayden's own "Whatcha Gonna Do". And if remaking that wasn't enough, Hayden's got a new version of "Love My Baby"! They've done it in a way that's equally bluesy as well as rockabilly...and HT still sings it as well as he did 50+ years ago!

Fans of Hayden's live shows know he loves covering Johnny Cash, and his boogie woogie piano version of "Hey Porter" shows that love keeps growing.

The disc closes out with "Happy Song #2", aka "Cheese & Crackers". If memory serves correct, I remember Hayden once telling me the story behind this gem. If you don't know it, see if you can find someone who does. Its a good one!

Now if all this wasn't enough... there's a limited edition 2 CD set available through Blue Light with a 2nd LIVE disc of Hayden Thompson backed by The Barnshakers running through some of Hayden's classics. This disc will remind everyone just why Hayden Thompson has been voted the #1 live rockabilly act so many times. Must be something in that water over in Finland... because these cats just cook with gas on every track!

You can obtain YOUR copy through these links:
Goofin' Records, Record shop X, Bear Family Records, Bim Bam Records, Crazy Times Records, On The Hill Records, Jungle Records, Amazon UK, Amazon FR, Amazon GE. What are you waiting for????? Go get it!!!!!!!!

Hurtin' Inside/Honey 'Cause I Love You/ Pretty Lou/ Still Loving You/ Without Love/ Long Black Train/ Lookout Mabel/ Crazy Arms/ Where The Rio De Rosa Flows/ Whatcha Gonna Do/ Country Girls/ Love My Baby/ Don't Tell Me Your Troubles/ Hey Porter/ You're A Heartbreaker/ Cheese & Crackers (aka Happy Song #2)

Hayden Thompson - Vocals
Tommi Viksten - Guitars
Olli Haavisto - Guitars, Dobro, Pedal Steel
Pekka Grohn - Piano
Mika Railo - Double Bass
Janne Haavisto - Drums

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Reviewed by Memphis Mike, 2010