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The Reservoir Cats are one of Wales finest rock 'n' roll and rockabilly outfits, The cats will rock your town wherever you are, with sounds from Johnny Burnette to Brian Setzer. This rockin' four piece band have been blastin' their way around Europe for about 3 years now, and are shortly embarkin' on their first US tour this November, with their big sound and bigger stage presence. If you can catch them live, catch em, if not their CD "Goofin' Around" will do for now.

Dave first got interested in music when he was seven or eight listening to early Elvis and Dean Martin, He started playing aged fourteen in his first band called the Invaders, playing electric bass, then soon graduated to double bass slappin' till his fingers bled. By the age of sixteen Dave was playing on the circuit with a band called the Starliners, playing, amongst other places, France alongside bands such as The Jets, The Riot Rockers, Crazy Cavan and Graham Fenton's Hellraisers. When work brought Dave to South Wales in 1987 he formed a trio called The Rockin' Rhythmaires. When that band split up he went on to form another band called The Red Hot Roosters which also split up. Thats when The Reservoir Cats were born.

Tim started playing rock 'n' roll on an electric bass in 1991 with a band from the past called the Standard 8's, after several years, 3 to be exact, the opportunity to join a Chicago jump blues band called Shakedown arose which he took. This was the beginning of the solid rhythm section that the Reservoir Cats now own. After 2 years, Tim and Sean (Mr. Ginger) left the blues to that calling sound of 50's rhythm & blues come rock 'n' roll. This was when the calling of the double bass was grabbing him, after several months of searching Tim found one and began to master that authentic slap bass sound of the fifties. After the blues Sean & Tim helped form the be bop boogie boys another four piece band focusing mainly on rockabilly & rock 'n' roll after a few years of playing an traveling together the strains of band life were telling on the group and tensions were running high, an a split was decided. This my friends was the beginning of the Reservoir Cats.

Sean Ryan (Mr Ginger), Age... uh just made it to thirty four, started playing on a fine set of quality street tins, first real kit was a 1958 Trixon blue sparkle, yeah, wish I'd kept that one, worth a fortune, but alas it went to Rockin' Louis of the original Sunsets for a hundred quid, made a good raise and bought an arbiter white Pearl, bad move huh. Now plays a Yamaha stage custom and a vintage Premier blue sparkle, yeah same colour as the ffine old Trixon. Ah yes, cymbols, hihats and ride Pearl Wild, Crash, Meinl Raker. First giged age 15 with a band called the Rockits lead by well known frontman Howard Coleman, now leading the Class of 58, since then Sean has played in bands such as Tongue and Groove, Shakedown, The Standard Eights, and the B'Bop Boogie Boys. And now the Reservoir Cats, Wow what a band, tight, cool, rockin' n' ready!!

What's that cats, no info on Mark? Well, he plays a mean lead guitar, that's for sure. I'll fill in this gap later. I got this CD from my friend Mike Russell at Rave On Records, he said I should listen to it, and so I did. Good'n Mike! These cats sure do rock! Especially the extended version of Mike Page's "Long Black Shiny Car" is fabulous!

The Reservoir Cats:
Dave Cotton - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Tom Griffiths - Slap Bass
Sean Ryan - Drums
Mark Weaving - Lead Guitar

Tracklisting of Goofin' Around:
Goofin' Around / Long Black Shiny Car / Please Don't Leave Me / Lonesome Tears In My Eyes / Mystery Train / Mack The Knife / Stray Cat Strut / Race With The Devil / Shakin' All Over / Cats Got The Blues / Thirteen Women

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